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Life Sciences

Life Sciences BIOCHEMISTRY Amino Acids Detergents Carbohydrates & Inositols Lipids Phospholipids Protease Inhibitors Reducing Agents & Stabilizers Unnatural Amino Acids MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Inducers of Genen Expression Polyamines (Spermine, Spermidine, Putrescine) CELL BIOLOGY & CELL CULTURE Beta-Lactamase Inhbitors Bioactive Peptides Cytokines Steroids Zymosan COMMON TOOLS & BIOCHEMICAL METHODS Blotting Procedures (Southern Northern & Western) ELISA Reporter Gene Assays Yeast-two-hybrid screening FEATURED PRODUCTS Chemiluminescent Substrates Xylans Biochemical ingredients - substances that do not undergo any additional chemical modification - and are for example used in applications, blends, food, or feed are very important in any utilization that requires reliable, reproducible results. Quality requirements for these products are high, and more and more customers need information beyond a Certificate of Analysis. Current quality assurance practices require knowing exactly where and how a product was manufactured as well as if anything changes in this regard. We like to work together with our customers to best satisfy their change control requirements. Many biochemicals are manufactured or refined at our site, others we source, and all are Quality Control tested to assure they can pass Biosynth quality requirements. Biosynth Web Shop Wide variety. Swiss quality. Browse our full catalog, as well as items available for online purchase Products ... [Viac]

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